Sustainability: Ban Styrofoam At Publix

Sometimes it only takes one individual with a great aspiration to have make an impact on society. Maura O’Donnell, a resident of Miami Beach, is example of how one person can help change the system.  After she many instances of getting angry with her husband for bringing home fruit and vegetables on Styrofoam trays from Publix, she finally realized that her husband was not the one to blame. It was Publix.

Using, Maura drafted a petition asking to stop using Styrofoam at Lakeland-Based grocery chain:

“As loyal Publix customers, we urge you to discontinue the use of all Styrofoam packaging–especially the Styrofoam trays still used by Publix in packaging vegetables–and switch to sustainable, or at a minimum, recyclable packaging. We recognize the positive measures Publix has taken to date to help protect the environment and urge you to take this important additional step.”

Maura originally thought that her petition would only get 100 signatures and that number would be sufficient to please her. But she did not expect it for it to gain such a large response within 2 weeks of it being sent out.  Maura received over 10,000 signatures.  She that maybe her large response was just “something that a lot of other people were thinking.”

Either way her petition had a remarkable reply. As for now, once the signatures “start to drop off,” she will close the petition.

To get the full article, click here:

And to see the petition, click here:

by Christina Santilli

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