Record Air Pollution in California’s Central Valley

Air pollution in California’s Central Valley is now a greater problem and threat to health of humans in this area.

The region has been ranked with worst quality of air in the United States and the unhealthiest.  The air is filled with “microscopic, chemical-laden particles” that travel in the lungs and then absorbed into the bloodstream which creates health risks for individuals of every age.

Fighting the air pollution has become more difficult and failed to reach federal health standard. Many air quality advocates argue that the focus of local air districts ignores major sources of industrial pollution.  Kevin Hall, an executive director of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, said “The air board’s strategy is failing.”

Just to demonstrate how serious the pollution problem is: many residents receive notification or warnings for when the air quality reaches “unhealthy levels.” That way people can make decision about going outdoors. This knowledge comes in handy for teachers at school during recess time.  Just this Friday morning, many residents of Fresno received an email alert that the air in the area was  “Level 5 Very Unhealthy,” an indication of the highest levels of pollution.

Tm Franz of the Bakersfield-based Association of Irritated Residents believes that the area is “going to need far tighter rules coming out of the air district if we are really going to make progress in meeting federal standards.”

To see the full article click on the link:

Written By: Christina Santilli

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