Can Japan’s Anti-Nuclear Protesters Keep Its Reactors Shut Down?

   Months after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, there was rising concern over the Fukushima power plant.  There was a fear that the power plant would have a nuclear meltdown after all the damage that was done by the storms.  Anti- nuclear groups were formed and held rallies to shut down the plant.  Fukushima has been fuming radioactivity into the air which is causing the people of Japan to lose trust in the government.  “On Sept. 19, the mounting anger and fear culminated in a rally of some 60,000 anti-nuclear protesters in Tokyo.”Surprisingly there were thousands of government officials at the protests.  There were even people that worked for the nuclear industry, RENGO, who were protesting the continuance of the power plant.  

Read more here:,8599,2095296,00.html 

BY: Mary Ann Casas

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