Children At Risk From Pesticides, School Bans Debated

According to Robyn Gilden, a professor at the University of Maryland’s Environmental Health Education Center, all over the United States, the majority of athletic fields are likely to be treated with at least one of the 20,000-odd pesticides registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. The problem with pesticides, according to the article is that humans, especially children, are particularly vulnerable to the most commonly used products, including organophosphates. (It belong to the same chemical family as sarin, a nerve gas classified by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction.) The main argument in the article is whether we should ban the use of pesticides on elementary and middle schools. After having an incident in 2011, Connecticut passed a federal law banning all pesticides on elementary and middle schools grounds. To read more click on the link below:

Written by Christina Santilli

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