Pregnant Mothers at Risk from Air Pollution, California Study Suggests

Pregnant women have many precautions due to the surrounds and how the environment will affect their fetus and soon to be beautiful baby. A Californian study has based how air pollution affects premature birth especially a substance called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which are by products of petroleum processing. The University of California looked at 100,000 births within a five mile radius of this toxin and how it affected the fetus’ of pregnant mothers and mothers. The result in exposure of the polluted air is 30% of a higher risk of premature birth. This is dangerous to any pregnant woman. Dr Beate Ritz said, “Air pollution is known to be associated with low birth weight and premature birth. Our results show that traffic-related PAH are of special concern as pollutants, and that PAH sources besides traffic contributed to premature birth. The increase in premature birth risk due to ammonium nitrate particles suggests secondary pollutants are also negatively impacting the health of unborn babies. To reduce the effects of these pollutants on public health, it is important that accurate modeling of local and regional spatial and temporal air pollution be incorporated into pollution policies.”


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