Some Plant-Based Food Supplements Contain High Levels of Cancer Causing Agents, Study Suggests

While many people who intake food put ‘natural’ and ‘safe’ into one category, botanicals and botanical preparations for example plant-based food supplements may have compounds called alkenylbenzenes. Because they are plant based people think they are automatically healthy but they are a concern for human health. In large amounts these chemical compounds can cause liver cancer in experimental animals which lead to liver cancer in humans. Studies published in the last issue of the journal Food and Nutrition Sciences, shows that in many plant-based food supplements levels of these compounds are so low that they are of no concern. Although there are also plant-based food supplements on the market that contain alkenylbenzenes at levels as high as those causing tumours in laboratory animals. This shows food companies should regulate quality control of plant-based food supplements containing alkenylbenzenes because they are harmful to the human race as well as animals.


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