Hyperactivity (ADHD) can be described as a physical state in which a person is abnormally and easily excitable or exuberant.The slang term “hyper” is used to describe someone who is in a hyperactive state. When a person has impulsive behavior,strong emotional reactions and a short span of attention are also typical for a hyperactive person.

   Two studies published in 2004 and 2007 suggested that after eating artificial food colours and additives from fruit drinks could increase the hyperactivity in children. Children, teenagers or adults can suffer hyperactivity. Children who are bored or have suffered sexual abuse may have hyperactivity in a future. Puberty in teenagers can also cause hyperactivity. 

   The majority of studies show no connection between sugar and hyperactivity. This belief was prevalent among parents and teachers that claimed that children were more excited after they ate chocolate or too much sugary foods or drinks. 

     The most recommended solution to stop having hyperactivity is to go to the doctor. Essential supplements to help kids from hyperactivity without having medicine are eating fish oils, vitamin C, and the mineral magnesium. 


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