Brazil’s Leader Faces Defining Decision on Bill Relaxing Protection of Forest

The country of Brazil has recently made many advances in eliminating deforestation.  This could all come to an end if President Dilma Rousseff does not veto a bill that would open up large amounts of protected forests to things like ranching and farming.  In April, the Brazilian Congress passed a bill called The Forest Code.  The point of The Forest Code is to make sure that Brazil continues to make strides in eliminating deforestation.  If the other bill is approved by President Rousseff then environmentalists would be very angry and The Forest Code bill would go to waste.  Marina Silva, a former environment minister and presidential candidate said about the bill that, “Brazil cannot be allowed to take this step backward” and that “giving amnesty to those who have destroyed forests heightens the risk of new deforestation.”  A potential passing of the bill would not only affect Brazil but also the entire world.  Brazil is famous for its lush, beautiful rain forests and the without them, Brazil, and the entire world would not be the same.

Ben Roberts

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