Colorado Wildfire Prompts More Evacuations

In mid June, a wildfire spread across the Rocky Mountain Region. This was due to the hot, dry weather that was experienced in this area early in the month and still continues today. On June 18, this fire has charred around 91 square miles in northern Colorado. Already, this fire has already broken records since it began on June 9, 2012. It has destroyed 181 homes which is the most in the state’s history. The firefighters have worked night and day to put this fire to rest. They have cut and dug lines encompassing the flames yet the containment is still at 45%. Colorado has experienced high gusts of winds which has led to the spread of this forest fire. Another fire started up shortly after near Colorado Springs where people had to be immediately evacuated. There is also a fire at Fort Collins, which has burned private and U.S. Forest Service Land.
This fire has also led to arrests. Local authorities have sent out patrols to stop looting. Yet they arrested Michael Maher for theft and impersonation of a firefighter. He also stole a government license plate. His truck was later found which contained a gun. This has led to chaos.
Animals are also feeling the heat. A moose tried to seek shelter in Fort Collins by swimming across Horsetooth Resevoir. Wildlife Officials traquilized the moose and blindfolded it. They then moved it to an area of safety. Authorities are now trying to ban private firework due to the dry air. They have already banned campfires. Hopefully, firefighters will be able to contain the fire soon.

Lizzie Eversole

Topic 3: Forest Fires

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