New Research Can Save Tropical Forests

Allegedly, deforestation can be reduced by measuring carbon quantities in forests as the “measurements may make it possible for tropical countries to receive compensation from developed countries for the retention of forests.” This is due to the “climate negotiations led by the UN in recent years” that have “have discussed a way of reducing global deforestation known as REDD+.” REDD+ allows tropical countries to get paid by developed countries if they “retain or increase their tropical forests.” However, the REDD+ plan requires an “efficient system” to measure carbon quantities in forests. Eskil Mattsson, a research student at the University of Gothenburg, says that “the calculations are important in order to estimate the costs and benefits of reducing deforestation, since the levels of compensation will be based on the amount of carbon in the forest.” Decreasing deforestation is important as deforestation creates greenhouse gas emission, 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation. By this new research, and REDD+, we may begin to better understand the importance of carbon measurements in the ecosystem and develop a greater interest in maintaining the environment. 

Steven Angueira
AP Environmental Science
Topic #3: Deforestation

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