Heavy Metal — In and Around the Lakes: Pollution Due to Toxic Heavy Metals at the Jail Talav and Kalwa Lakes of Thane City

Environmental chemist Pravin Singare is worried about the fact that fresh water bodies all over the world are becoming increasingly polluted every day. He claims that regulation and monitoring is necessary for maintaining the well-being of the surrounding population. His team has “carried out a systematic study to estimate the physico-chemical parameters and level of toxic heavy metal content in the Jail Talav and Kalwa Lakes of Thane City.” They have found the presence of heavy metals, such as iron and nickel, in concentrations well above safe standards. While these metals at small quantities are necessary, in large quantities they can be dangerous to life and the ecosystem. The researchers have used this poor water quality as an indicator of the general water quality in India. The research team also concluded that a “better understanding of heavy metal sources, their accumulation in water and the effect of their presence in water on plant systems are particularly impertinent in ongoing risk assessments” and that South Asia needs a “long-term strategy for management of its water resources.” 

Steven Angueira
AP Environmental Science

Topic #8: Water Pollutants




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