A Poverty Solution

Scientists studies have shown that children may have toxic stress even before birth which is the “most widespread peril.” Scientists have put two decades of research into this study. This is a “policy statement.” Within this research is revolutionary techniques to reduce poverty and crime. This toxic stress could be caused from a parent abusing alcohol or drugs. “It could occur in a home where children are threatened or beaten.” Affection is shown to reduce the amount of toxic stress. This shows that stress is a result of a threat without protection. In the womb, a bad environment can affect the stress hormones, which in turn could cause an effect on the architecture of the brain. These children are more likely to struggle in school and suffer medical problems. Jack P. Shonkoff says, ” [y]ou can modify behavior later, but you can’t rewire disruptive brain circuits.” Moreover, the most important time for development is in the first few years. This research backs up an unfortunate truth-poverty is hard to overcome. Some children who come from poor homes are able to break free and excel. However, others turn to drugs, alcohol, and eventually break a few laws. This study was done to show that the roots of our judgement are biological. Programs like the Nurse-Family Partnership take care of poor pregnant mothers and encourage affection. This continues until the babies are 2. “The science is still accumulating. But a compelling message from biology is that if we want to chip away at poverty and improve educational and health outcomes, we have to start earlier.”Damage can begin even before their first day of school.

Lizzie Eversole

Topic 9: Poverty Solutions


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