Chesapeake Bay pollution at critical condition, threatens tourism

      Chesapeake Bay is home to 17 million people. It is the largest estuary in North America. Over 3,700 species of plants and animals live here. Unfortunately, its pollution has been a problem for many years. Pollution from farms, wasteland treatment facilities, storm water runoff, and power-plants are slowly killing the Bay. The pollution causes an explosion of algae. Once they die, they use up the oxygen in the water.  This creates dead zones which kill fish, oysters, and crabs. If this becomes a “dead” bay, tourism will decrease, which means unhealthy seafood, unhealthy swimming water, and sharp decrease in revenues. The Environmental Protection Agency has set up a “pollution diet” that decreases the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment. The 6 states around it and the District of Columbia agreed to it.  They hope to cut pollution by 2025 but this will cost billions of dollars. 

Lizzie Eversole 

Topic 8: Chesapeake Bay Pollution

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