Chinese Officials Cancel Plant Project Amid Protests

In Hong Kong China there has been shown of environmental movement, with a protest against what was supposed to be one of the biggest copper smelting factories on earth. It would be located in southwestern province called Sichuan Province. All plans and building of this $1.6 billion complex had been canceled. This complex was made because it was supposed to be the comeback for Chinese economy, which suffered a major blow after the 2008 earthquake. This protest was not been peaceful, it broke out into violates has the environmental activist push for major companies to understand and receive financial penalties. As more Chinese people become aware and push this drive to keep protecting the environment they live around. An example of this was Last month the reporter dates that about 1,000 people protested by blocking the trash incinerator in Songjiang. Factories have been closing down, like one rare earth refinery factory and many all over China have been finally changing their machines. After these factories have left years of toxic and radioactive waste out that have turned areas into deserts. Not just this one factory has started to build cleaner operations but also multination corporations have joined in. Many say the reason they have started to build these cleaner operation is because the fear of offending Chinese ultranationalists and public pressure in their home markets. Beside the fact, it is just one step closer to new and cleaner earth for us all.

Ashley Tagliero

Topic 2

Source: New York Times

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