Why the World May Be running Out of Clean Water

At the beginning of October, officials in Tuvalu, an island nation in the South Pacific, realized they were running out of water. They had been suffering from a severe drought and there were only a few days of water left to support the island’s 11,ooo inhabitants. Climate change has been a major factor in the water shortage. As the sea levels rose, the groundwater became extremely saline therefore becoming undrinkable leaving rainwater as the only source of drinkable water. Since they are now suffering from drought, Tuvalu has a very scarce amount of water remaining.

Australia and New Zealand have helped Tuvalu by donating both rehydration packets as well as desalination equipment. Unfortunately, Tuvalu is not the only area on the world running dry. As sea level continues to rise, islands such as the Maldives and Kiribati will have their groundwater spoiled. Texas, as well as many of the American Southwest is suffering from “record breaking drought”.

Clean water is essential to life, and unfortunately, over two million people die each year from water related diseases that could have been prevented.

If we do not reduce carbon emissions the world will continue to warm, leading to less water for already dry regions. As the world population continues to increase, so does the heavy demand for water. Unfortunately, the water supply is continuing to decrease and therefore we must learn to use our water in a more efficient manner. 

Renee Dobrinsky

Topic: Tragedy of the Commons 

Source: Why the World May be Running Out of Clean Water (October 2011) by Bryan Walsh Time Health

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