Carbon Credits Gone Awry Raise Output of Harmful Gas

The misuse of greenhouse gases by some manufacturers is having a huge negative effect on global warming.  The United Nations was trying to stop global warming by “compensating manufacturers who reduced their emissions of dangerous gases.”  Unfortunately, some manufacturers discovered that they earn an extreme amount of carbon credits  (more than 11,000) by eliminating obscure waste gases which are released when coolant gas is produced.  This strategy is a huge moneymaker and because of this, these companies continue to produce the coolant gas at a high level.  The coolant gas shrinks the ozone layer and greatly contributes to global warming.  It has been found that many of these businesses are being paid to create these gases and then destroy them.  This means that even more of this gas is being put into the atmosphere and therefore destroying the ozone layer even more.  Unfortunately, the United Nations and European Union are having trouble rolling back this production.   Many of the production factories have been trying to resist this olling back because of most of their profits come from producing the coolant gas.   Because of this, “many environmental experts fear that if manufactures are not paid to destroy the waste gas, they will simply resume releasing it into the atmosphere.”  The United States and Europe are countering this by reducing the value of cabon credits.  This is a good start because if manufacturers can keep making money off of producing the coolant gas then they will never stop, and golbal warming will only get worse.  A system was developed by the United Nations  about 20 years ago which gives values to deifferent types of gases.  Carbon Dioxide, for example, was given a value of 1.  The value is figured out by determining “how much they affect global warming and how long they linger.”  The system has helped to reduce emissions of harmful gases and therefore helps the environment.

Ben Roberts

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