Apple’s green image continues to be dirtied

Apple has been suffering a great war against the Greenpeace, an eco-friendly company. Apple published an environmental report in which it explains to customers how and steps to recycle a product from Apple it also explains the steps they are taking to reduce their impact on the global climate change. EPEAT approached Apple to try to make them follow their standards however, they did not accept their terms. This caused a great outrage on the web. People began to wonder why? Their answer was perhaps because Aplle’s new Mac Book Pro is much harder to recycle then other products for its battery is glued to aluminium pieces. The Greenpeace also started to rate the company for its Eco-friendly ways. They argued that two of Apples three current data centers, (places used to store iCloud photos, music and documents) are operating on 50% of coal power. However, the company is very focused on helping the environment and says that by next year all their data centers will not use coal energy.


Fabiana Vivacqua

CNN Articles

Renewable Energy 

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