Biologists, volunteers rush to save Florida butterfly species


Sometimes we are so worried about ourselves that we forget about the animals and insects that share the earth with us. Many species are now facing extinction such as Schaus swallowtail butterfly. Gast writes that drought, pesticide and hurricanes are likely to be the cause for the extinction. They are now trying to protect at least four female butterflies and keep their eggs protected so they can save the species. However, it wont be easy for they have been trying to get female butterflies and since May they have only found one of them. They have been threatened since 1976 and just eight years later they were filed as endangered. When they catch the four females they will be confined for four days in a cage that will re-interpret their environment. Phil writes that pollinators such as butterflies  are at risk throughout the United States. People say that extinction happens all the time but every time we lose a species we also lose genetic diversity.

Fabiana Vivacqua

Ecology and The Living World

CNN Articles


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