Senate votes in favor of clean air protections

 These past two months have been essential to one very important law in the United States, the Clean Air Act.They have recently been trying to vote to make the air cleaner. To do this they would need to make a few changes in the law for they want to limit the amount of heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic,  chromium, nickel, as well as other pollutants that are mostly released by power plants. These toxins are very dangerous not only for pregnant mothers but it can also cause cancer and problems with unborn and young children. This is a big step for the US, is better for them but at the same time horrible for farmers. The Senate have a great problem at their hand and they have just decided to vote in favor of clean air protections, making our world not only safer but better for humans as well as nature.


Fabiana Vivacqua


Global Policy, Toxicity, and Pest Management

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