Climate change

This Article written by Jane Lubchenco for CNN, explains the crisis our world suffers today with the climate changing. She writes that it does affect all of us, the US has already lost last year 55 billion dollars because of weather extremities. The US and the world have already been attacked with heat waves in Texas and Oklahoma as well as a drought in Eastern Africa. Scientists around the world are warning us to be more careful because it has been proven that we are the ones making the world change climates. We are the ones causing this event. She writes that the carbon dioxide we put into the environment affects the oceans by making it more acid. We are the ones causing it and we are the ones getting affected especially because governments and businesses depend on climate to make investments. We really need to be careful because if we don’t take care of the world then it we are the ones that are going to suffer the consequences.

Fabiana Vivacqua

Climate Change

CNN Articles

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