Giving each child the chance to live past 5

This Article gives a lot of insight to tragedy of the commons, one of the topics in the first chapter of our book. Malnutrition is taking over very poor countries, kids are now lucky if they get to live past five years of age. In 2010, 7.6 million kids younger than five years of age died. These results were worse in 1990 and from that point on the global community has been donating money to help out kids who need food. 7.6 Million is the result after a 35% decrease from 1990 to 2010. As facts show these kids still deserve to be saved in the article it states that they need more health care, better policies, as well as service delivery. United Nations started to focus on this problem and are now striving to help these kids live through their fifth birthday. They have already sent six million anti-malaria bed nets to Africa, helped decrease polio by 99% and measles by 74%. Now is our time to turn to our attention to these kids and help them have a happy and healthy fifth birthday.

Fabiana Vivacqua

Ch 1 Topics- Tragedy of the Commons

CNN Articles

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