For a Weekend, Oklahoma is Earthquake Country

Earthquakes in Oklahoma are usually not devastating nor common but during a weekend in November a quake shook the region about 23 times during the weekend. It shook towns about an hour’s drive from Oklahoma City. Over the weekend they recorded the largest quake on recorded, its magnitude was around 5.6.

During the year 2010 Oklahoma’s had moved over 1,000 times, but only around 100 were strong enough be felt. Earthquake prone places such as California and Japan lay atop fractious areas where 2 tectonic plates grind together, but Oklahoma does not have these characteristics. Although the state does have faults buried very deep in the earth called the Seminole Uplift, were pressure could Don Blakeman says “You still get earthquakes within the plate. That doesn’t mean there’s a plate boundary, but there’s a fault”

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Soil and Geology

Alejandro Rey

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