Blood vessels from Skin cells


William Hudson writes that In the next couple of years American lives can change because they just discovered how to create human blood vessels from skin cells. The skin cells are made into threads and then woven into the form of blood vessels. This technology uses allogenic skin cells, meaning they come from a master donor and after created they can keep it in the refrigerator for months and it will still be good for when people needed. This is much better because before people would have to wait so long that sometimes emergencies could not be treated plus it would also cost a lot of money. The skin cells last for three years which is much more then the blood cells for they should replace them every year. They can make a smallmstampnsize or long ones that range from 30 to 40 inches of tubular vessels it can be inserted by catheter for a minimally invasive surgery. They expect this technology to be general by 2013.

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