Fish Ingesting Plastic Waste, Study Finds

Sarah Perez


This article explains the detrimental effects of plastic waste on the world’s oceans. According to the article, approximately 250 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide. Although it is lightweight, durable, and important to several industries, it is nevertheless a source of pollution. Roughly 7 million tons of the 250 million produced find their way to the ocean. Thereafter, fish and other forms of marine life consume the plastic. In fact, scientists estimate that approximately 12,000-24,000 tons of plastic are consumed by fish in the North Pacific Ocean each year. However, scientists are not yet certain exactly how much plastic finds its way to our oceans each year. Researchers on an expedition recently found that approximately 9 percent of the fish they caught had traces of plastic in their stomachs. Furthermore, these researchers warned that this figure did not include cases in which fish regurgitate/pass the plastic, or are killed by consuming it.



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