Deep-Sea Crabs Grab Grub Using UV Vision: Some Crabs On the Sea Floor Can See UV Light and Use the Ability to Select Healthy Food

There is no light at the bottom of the sea. So how can crabs see what they have to eat? Well, deep sea crabs have some form of UV vision which color codes their food from toxic creatures on the seafloor. With their vision they can see that their pray is a blue color as their enemies, that can kill them if digested, is a green color. With this new discovery scientist are very intrigued on how a crab can color code its food so it wont eat the wrong thing. So scientists are going to study the crabs in a new submarine that wont distract them. With this new submarine the scientists will be able to observe the crabs real behavior underwater without any timid behavior being shown.

Article was published by: Duke University

Dustin Philipp

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