A World Without Coral Reefs

In this article it talks about the “zombie ecosystem” in which the coral reefs are apart of. This means that they are not dead and not alive in their ecosystems. Coral reefs are in great danger and if we do not act soon they will be forever diminished. The reason the coral reefs are declining in the ecosystem are due to overfishing, ocean acidification, and pollution. Overfishing brings down the population of fish therefore not only are the coral reefs declining because of less fish in the waters but fish are becoming scarce. Ocean acidification ruins the skeletons of the corals because they absorb the acidity which then causes the corals to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Research has shown that corals will be pushed outside of their temperature-acidity in the next 20 or so years if we do not take action on this. The nutrients in pollution are very harmful for the reefs especially because coral reefs cannot live in nutrient-rich environments. As a society we must take a stand not only because marine organisms can decline because of the lack of coral reefs. But many places such as Indonesia and the Philippines feed on coral reefs therefore leaving them without this source of food. Also coral reefs serve as a form of tourism in the United States, Australia, etc. Therefore, we would be losing money. There are many things we can do to prevent the coral reefs from diminishing but we choose to ignore the fact that if we do not do anything soon it will be gone forever.

Marina Bryant


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