Carnivorous Plant Catapults Prey With Snap-Tentacles: Biologists Describe New Capture Mechanism

Yes…there are such things as carnivorous plants. They are not your usual plant that solely relies on photosynthesis and water; these plants such as the Venus Fly Trap and the plant being studied called a Drosera glanduligera do in fact eat flies and other bugs. A scientist by the name of Simon Poppinga is cultivating this new plant Drosera glanduligera. So, what is so special about this plant you may ask? Well, this plant practically hunts using a combination of a catapult-flypaper-trap to ingest its prey. Scary, right? It is very rare to actually see this plant because it is really only cultivated in labs and they have a short life expectancy.

Check it out by clicking here.

Daniella Almanza

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