Teaching lions and humans to get along

Can Communication change a nation? This was the question I asked myself when I first started reading the article. Africa is the only continent that has a create diversity of mammals and some are now becoming extinct because they are becoming a problem for humans. Lions have started to invade the houses of farmers and began to kill their livestock, farmers furious then started buying pesticides such as Furadan, that with just one tablespoon it can kill a whole lion.  The article describes that they are trying to end this by beginning to create a communication between the lion and the humans. The final goal is that the lion species and the human species will be able to benefit from each other’s co-existence. They are now beginning to train the lions to be careful with the livestock. This communication between the lion and the humans can change the future of the lions. This determines if they kill adapt to their environment or become extinct.


Fabiana Vivacqua

Chapter 5

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