Regenerated Lizard Tails Are Different from Originals, Researchers Discover

Have you ever been playing with a lizard and then the tail came off? You probably thought that the tail would just grow back and the tail would be the same as the one that came off of the lizard; but this isn’t true. According to Rebecca Fisher, an associate in ASU’s school School of Life Sciences, “The regenerated lizard tail is not perfect replica.” To prove this statement “researchers studied the regenerated tails of the green anole lizard which can lose its tail when caught by a predator and then grow it back.” They concluded that a lizard does regenerate its tail but the tail isn’t an exact replica of the one it lost. Also the regenerated tail doesn’t function like the original tail. The scientists also hope that the regeneration of the lizard tail can help them with new therapeutic approaches to spinal cord injuries and diseases such as arthritis.

Science Daily (Oct. 9, 2012)

By: Dustin Philipp

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