Wary of Plastic, and Waste, Some Consumers Turn to Glass

This article is about the new invention of glass bottles. These bottles have are encased with sleeve of protection so if they break it will still hold the bottle in place. This bottle was invented to serve as a plastic watter bottle would but without the harmful chemicals, such as BPA, that are used in plastic. BPA is very harmful and can cause hormonal changes, birth defects etc. Many distrubutions such as Coca Cola has started promoting glass bottles instead of plastic as well. This article shows that throughout these past years, people are becoming aware of the hazardeous chemicals in plastic and are making an effort to try to not use the products that consist of such chemicals. In a survey of more than 4,000 consumers this year by EcoFocus Worldwide, a research and consulting group, 37 percent said they were extremely or very concerned about the health and safety of plastics used in food and water packaging, compared to 33 percent in 2010.EcoFocus also found that 59 percent of the consumers it surveyed used reusable water bottles always or often, up from 56 percent in 2010. Thus, it shows how our community is finally coming to the realization that we should not be using such products that are harmful to our bodies. The simple change of using a glass bottle is a simple change we can all adjust to, to ensure our well being.

Marina Bryant



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