It’s Not Just Spills- the Climate risks of Arctic Drilling

Political decisions are always influenced by its timing and circumstances. It is not different for the required permit that would allow Shell to start drilling at the Artic. Due to the next month presidential election, this could not be a worse time for President Obama to face this matter. He will be criticized no matter what. If he denies the permit, for sure the republicans will say that the President is blocking progress and prevents the country to be oil independent. If he grants the permit, the Democrats will say that the President is betraying them by allowing global warming to continue.
The interesting part of this article is that the only reason why drillings rigs have now access to this area is because the ice of this region melted due to the global warming. The main components responsible for global warming are the oil producers that not only are not being penalized for their actions but indeed are being rewarded by now having the opportunity to profit from exploring oil in such an oil rich land, again, land that before the global warming was inaccessible.

Amanda Simon

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