~ In China, some find ways to beat one-child policy ~

Many people have more than one child in China Stan Grant says. In 1979, this policy was set in effect. The government felt that the population was too high and something had to be done to fix it. Therefore, they establish the one-child acts which limits one kid per family. However, people have been finding many loopholes in order to have a larger family. If a family has more money, they paid fines and/or traveled to other places to have their kids with a foreign passport. Moreover, this becomes a problem with class. A poor person can only afford one child while the wealthy can buy their way out of this policy. Unfortunately, if they get caught, the consequences are great. They can loose their kids home, and anything else the government wants to take away. In one mans case, he lost his job. Hopefully China will be able to figure this out soon because as of right now this continues to be a growing problem.


Lizzie Eversole


Chapter 6



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