Lonesome George, R.I.P.

Lonesome George, the rarest creature on earth, died at around the age of 100 on June 21. The male tortoise from the galapagos islands was the last of his kind and for this reason it is important to see what the world is becoming unaware of. The worlds most elusive creature was one of the most important animals in the galapagos island because of it was studied by Charles Darwin when he went to the Galapagos. The giant tortoise of the Galapagos has different features according to which island it lived on in the galapagos islands. The species lived in an isolated island and therefore it evolved very little over the span of time. This story tells us much about how humanity has destroyed the world. On the islands an estimated 250,000 tortoises lived and now the species has become extinct. We must be aware of our surroundings because many of the things around us could be ruined if we do not do something.

Manny Portela


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