Scientists Identify Mammal Model of Bladder Regeneration

This fascinating article tells its readers about the unique capability of some animals with the ability to regenerate certain body parts. It is already well known that starfish, zebrafish, and salamanders can regenerate damaged limbs. However, there has been a new discovery in rats. Rats have the ability to re-grow a completely new, identical, and functioning bladder once their original one had been removed. These tests have been studied at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Researchers are in awe, it is unbelievable that this mammal can reproduce its own bladder in just eight weeks. They are trying to grasp the concept of regeneration and figure out how it happens, and there are already some theories. One theory is that the cells in the lining of the bladder transform into some sort of stem cell which can reproduce throughout the bladder. Another theory has to do with injury, and when a cell senses injury, it signals to the other cells to replicate stem cells through the blood stream and repair the bladder.

Taylor Marks


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