Uranium Mines Dot Navajo Land, Neglected and Still Perilous

Recently, a Navajo rancher came across a strange, abandoned structure on his land and immediately called in federal agents. The EPA was sure to arrive in a timely manner — a few months later — and declared it to be an old uranium mine which was still radioactive and releasing dangerous amounts of cancer causing waves and particles. This was just one of many forgotten uranium mines, illicitly and irresponsibly built on Navajo land without their permission. They were used through the 1940s to the 1980s to supply the US’s nuclear weapons program. The EPA recognized the danger of this site and said they would be back soon to take care of it. It had been about half a year and the EPA still hadn’t even put a fence or a warning sign. Locals wonder if this site was in a suburb, would the EPA take action then?

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Topic 2 – Mining Impacts

Marcus Fernandez

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