How Chemicals Change Us

This article is about the observations of hormone-mimicking chemicals that can have grotesque effects. A hormone that is used a lot is the herbicide which acts as a female hormone. This has been obserbed with male animals in the wild which showed male frogs having female organs, male fish producing eggs, and male alligators have small penises. This was created by contimantions in the water. So, scientists have come to the conclusion and the realization that female traits could be present in males today. This hormone could also be the reason for breast cancer, infertility, low sperm counts, genital, deformities, diabetes,  early menstruation, and obesity. Another chemical called hypospadias, which is a misplacement of the urethra, is twice as common among newborn boys which could be very weird and dangerous. Scientists suspect that these endocrine disruptors can wreak the endocrine system which governs hormones. These disruptors are foung in thermal receipts that come out of gas pumps, A.T.M.’s, canned foods, cosmetics, plastics and food packaging. When taking a blood or urine test, they are very present. They can even be food in breast milk which would be transferred to the new born baby drinking the milk.Researchers warn that endocrine disruptors can trigger hormonal changes in the body that may not show up for decades. DES, a synthetic form of estrogen, was once routinely given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriage or morning sickness, and it did little harm to the women themselves. But it turned out to cause vaginal cancer and breast cancer decades later in their daughters. As a society we can start petitions to band these hormones like we did a couple months ago for BPA. We can also start paying more attention to food labels and plastic labeling.

Marina Bryant

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