How Namibia turned poachers into gamekeepers and saved rare wildlife

In this article they talk about Namibia history and how people would poach springbok and zebra in order to feed their families. They say that in 1967, families would have abundant to eat and only sometimes people would come and look for the poachers and arrest them. Then in 1990, when Namibia gained its independence they began to treat it a little better all this because people began to think they had a job to help Namibia. In 1993 many organizations began to fund Namibia for conservation, WWF gave about 48 million dollars just to help the conservation project. Now is one of the richest wildlife community, it has cheetah and rhinos running around (once almost went into extinction). The elephant population has also risen and so did the lions.This is because the natives on Namibia started to become self-sufficient and began to protect the animal species instead of harming them.


Fabiana Vivacqua 

Chapter 9

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