Social Security and the Stork


“The proverbial stork, bringer of babies and emblem of fertility, has been driven off course by the socialist welfare state. Now that people can rely on the state for income security in old age, they no longer need children. Social Security is undermining parenthood” says Nancy folbre. More parents need more public support, a policy that many liberals and feminists are also supporting she says. Ed yardeni an economist showed that countries with the largest public pension programs have the lowest fertility rates. The economical and political position of a woman has a great impact on how many children she will have, or how large she wants her family to be.

In the U.S the (TFR) among white woman has declined from 7 children in the 1800’s to somewhere around 2.5 children per woman in the 30’s. And a small baby boom became present in the 50’s, and the total fertility rate reached about 3.5 in the 60’s,and then it dropped back down to where it is today at 2.1. Socializing a large proportion of the costs of caring for dependents makes economical sence. “That’s exactly why we need reforms that could bring public support for parents and children into balance with support for the elderly.” says Nancy

Chapter 6

Alejandro Rey

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