The Brazilian Rainforest : Caught Between Biodiversity and Business

This article talks about the deforestation problem that Amazon is currently facing. Courcoux writes that much of the causes of the Amazon deforestation are due to Brazil’s growing agricultural economy such as crops like soya beans, corn, rice, and sugar. 750,000 km² of the Amazon has disappeared and 80% of that land was used grazing for cattle. Because of the soya’s booming economy they are using the lands for the cattle to raise soya plantations, causing the cattle grazing to go deeper and deeper into the forest. Because Brazil’s capital is mostly agriculture the business people pressure the government officials to give more land from the Amazon to increase farmland.This causes hundreds and thousands of families to receive parcels of forest land and turn into farmland plantations as well as cattle raising.

Fabiana Vivacqua 

Chapter 10 

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