Bad Air Means Bad News for Seniors’ Brainpower

This article was about how pollution in the air can decrease older people’s lifetime. The National Institute on Aging conducted an analysis at the University of Southern California. Air pollution has been linked to the increase of cardiovascular and respiratory problems, which can result in premature death, especially when a person is older. There is also now evidence coming up that air pollution can affect brain functioning. During the sample, the experiment used 14,793 white, black, and Hispanic men and women in 2004 and tested them on word recall, knowledge, language, and orientation using polluted air brought in from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air monitors. People living in areas with more air matter scored poorer results, and the effect was compared roughly to aging three years older, while a one-year increase age dropped by 0.13 in the cognitive function score. – Farida Amer

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