Mangroves are both in the sea and on land. They withstand salt levels that other plants can’t withstand. Birds use their canpies, shellfish attach themselves to the roots, and snakes and crocodiles hunt in the mangroves-they are important to many species. Many baby fish live in mongroves. Monkeys, deer, crabs, kangaroos, bats, and honeybees all profit from getting nutrients from or supported by the mangroves. We have estimated that there are about seventy different mangrove species and twenty-four different families. Mangrows are great at adapting and we are killing off many of them. Mangroves are very beneficial to their ecosystems and if we lose them we will lose several different species as well. Mangrovesa re being killed for salt pans, aquaculture ponds, housing developments, roads, port facilities, hotels, golf courses, adn farms. They also die because of oil spills, chemical pollution, sediment overload, and because we are disrupting the water adn salinity balance.

Renee Dobrinsky

Chapter 11


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