South Korea unveils ‘scientific’ whaling proposal


This article is about how South Korea is proposing to hunt whales under regulations for the purpose of scientific research whaling, similar to the programs Japan offers. They have selected a region near the Korean coast on minke whales. They still don’t know however the quantity in which the whales will be caught. Many countries are completely against this for the results with Japan were shocking especially how much they have depleted the whale population. The International Whaling Commission is asking South Korea to first make a proper assessment of the whale stock so they are able to at least try to control the lives of many of the mammals. Dr.Khan, expressed that South Korea like Japan also has tradition of eating whale meat, he says that when fishermen accidentally catch minke whales they have no problem selling them, for they tend to be rare but very liked. Many Conservation efforts are trying to prevent the South Koreans for taking this step forward  however, no one really knows how it will turn out in the end.


Fabiana Vivacqua 

Chapter 13 

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