Greener Pastures: Where does your food come from?

Greener Pastures: Where does your food come from?



When we are immersed in a grocery store we see food items everywhere. If we want eggs we go to the egg isle. Everything is their at our convenience. However, do we all really no where our food comes from and what is in it? No. We do not consider where the eggs was collected, how the chickens were hatched, their living conditions or anything like that. When food goes on sale we especially don’t consider these factors. Then we don’t ask if any growth hormones were added or any questions similar to this. Therefore, we do not know what we our feeding ourselves or our family. The origins of our food comes from marketers which is a problem. They can say what they like in reality. The comparison this article makes is that consumer spend hours researching what tv they want to buy or what computer they should purchase. However, when it comes to something they put in their bodies they just pick up the first one they see without doing any research. People need to start caring about what they eat so in the long run people do not hurt themselves or the animals

Lizzie Eversole

Chapter 12

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