The Transporter: Cloud Banks Carry Mercury

This article was about how the redwood forests mist along the California coast contain Mercury. This is because the fog comes in from the ocean every night. Fog sampled around Santa Cruz also contained heavy amounts of mercury, which is also found in thermometers. While no one knew the source of the mercury, new results have confirmed that it is most likely all coming in from the ocean. At the moment the mercury isn’t a substantial amount to hurt anyone, but it will get more concentrated as it moves up the food chain, which will threaten the eco system. The highest concentrations of mercury in seawater that were found were in the Monterey Bay this spring, at was at 3,300 feet. If the mercury is about 200 meters, it can escape into the atmosphere. The cause of this is the upwelling of deeper ocean water.

– Farida Amer

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