Do Nonrenewable Resources Cause Pollution?

This article talks about how the process of creating energy from non renewable resources  generates greenhouse gases, pollutants and toxic chemicals. As for renewable energy is produced from clean sources such as sunlight and wind. They continue on saying that Life Cycle Assessment  is the central thing to living in an environmentally friendly world. LCA evaluates the full environmental impact of the materials and systems we use.  They go on to talking about how when we use an electrical utility company it creates its power by burning nonrenewable resources causing the product to not only be what they are planning to create but also a large quantity of carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases, that can be very harmful to our environment. They go on to saying that natural gas used for home heating may be one of the cleanest-burning nonrenewable energy resources, they emit about 43% less carbon to the air than coal and less than nitrogen oxide. It finally ends with talking about automotive fuel and how burning one gallon of gasoline creates 20 pounds of equivalent carbon dioxide.  Petroleum fuel exhaust from motor vehicles also contain staggering levels of carbon monoxide, sulfurous gases and reactive hydrocarbons.These things can be very bad for the environment.

Fabiana Vivacqua

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