Dung Beetles Navigate Via the Milky Way, First Known in Animal Kingdom

This article was about how Dung Beetles can navigate themselves by using the Milky Way as a compass. This is a fresh discovery inside the animal kingdom. This was discovered into South Africa, where there is a copious amount of Dung Beetles. The experiments that took place in South Africa showed that Dung Beetles use the Milky Way to navigate themselves in a straight line. Scientists are impressed with the insects because they are small and can easily get knocked over by wind. The Dung Beetle must move in a straight line in order to roll the dung correctly, and if it does not move in a straight line other Dung Beetles will attack it. Scientists already knew that Dung Beetles could move in straight lines by detecting a symmetrical pattern of polarized light that is located around the sun. Humans can’t see the pattern, but the insects can due to the photoreceptors in their eyes.Scientists tested their experiments by blinding the beetles. Without the Milky Way to guide them they had no sense of direction. They are know figuring out that migrating moths might have this skill as well. This important to environment because the more we pollute our earth, the less the stars appear. The less the stars appear, the harder it is for the Dung Beetle to navigate itself. If we continue to pollute, it is very possible that the Dung Beetle will go extinct eventually. – Farida Amer

Source: http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2013/01/24/dung-beetles-navigate-via-the-milky-way-an-animal-kingdom-first/

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