As Texas Bakes in a Long Drought, Water Becomes a Focus for Legislators

In Texas the population has risen very quickly over the past couple of years. The ongoing drought has dragged on for almost 2 years now. Many questions have been asked about the infrastructure to the water suply for the lone star state.

These problems would not be of that much urgency if it were not for the droughts that have devestated many parts of the state. Since droughts are at an all time high the importance for water shoots through the roof. It has been so dramatic that there have been 18 public water systems that have estimated they would last no longer than 180 days.

David Dewherst, a governor of Texas, has proposed to get money from the taxes of oil, to help build new reservoirs. Bills have been made to fund the cause, and over 2 billion dollars has been taken from the  state’s emergency Rainy Day Fund. Many other politicians have agreed to this action.

Fun Fact: According to the Texas Water Development Board, Texas  Texas will be short 8.3 million acre-feet of water by 2060!!

Alejandro Rey

Chapter 13

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