Man finds 3kg of whale vomit worth £100,000

A man named Ken Wilman has discovered 3 kilograms of whale vomit and is expected to get over £100,000, which is equivalent to $160,000 in American money. Whale vomit is a hugely sought after ingredient because it is very rare and extremely useful because it’s used in popular perfumes such as Chanel No 5. Whale vomit is also known as ‘ambergris’. Ken found the ambergris while walking his dog on Morecambe beach, googled it, and decided to collect it to see its value. Since then, many people in the perfume industry have been chasing him down because whale vomit is worth thousands in that business. While Ken has not decided on a buyer yet, the amount of money that he will get for the ambergris will depend on how fresh it is. Wilman has been offered £42,000 ($50,000) for his discovery, but is waiting for verification so he can sell it for much more. This can prove to be a problem for the environment because perfume factories could start scouting beaches and taking whales to raise them in farms, which will destroy the ecosystem.

– Farida Amer

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