Recycling Helps, but It’s Not All You Can Do for the Environment

This article is about how recycling is not all we can do to help the environment. Nowadays, recycling is really easy because we have pick up services to pick up our recycling bins at curbs. Therefore, the question has been brought up if recycling really does help the environment and if its enough to say we are “saving the environment”. recycling is economically beneficial because most products will not be dumped in landfills, but it has become oversold. People who recycle do not feel as if they are helping the environment as much as they could. This is because people are not recycling everything they can. That is because recycling models show us that mixing other materials in the same bin does not work well. The most familiar example would be plastic. Most people just recycle their plastic bottles but way more products that are made out of plastic can also be recycled.

It has been seen that some plastics have been sent in bales to China and developing countries where the things that we recycle, will be disposed in landfills.Therefore, it is important for us to regulate our waste from manufactures rather than consumer waste. Another problem that we face is the amount of products we consume. Even though we are recycling these products, we should limit the amount we use. Although recycling is important, it should be but one activity in a series of behavior changes aimed at reducing climate change. Switching to wind or other renewable energies, consuming less meat, conserving daily energy use and eating locally grown food are other effective ways to mitigate climate change. There is so much for us to do, but it takes the education of recycling to make a difference in the ecosystem.

Marina Bryant

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