Sharks Moving Closer and Closer to the Shores in Florida

Shark migrations may prove to be a problem for spring breakers in Florida. An increasing number of sharks are swimming by coastal areas a lot closer than normal. The sharks have been moving closer to the beaches surrounding the SF Atlantic coast line. Beaches were evacuated and closed for a few hours. According to marine biologists the sharks are migrating from Boca to Jupiter. A reported number of 15,000 blacktip and spinner sharks are now in the shallow waters of Palm Beach County, FL. Although sharks usually migrate from January to February, researchers believe that they are migrating later because of the warm temperature. While people are scared because the sharks have been jumping, it’s very common for these sharks to do that. Shark researchers state this behavior is nothing to be scared of. Researchers have also reminded everyone that blacktip and spinner sharks aren’t known to attack humans. Swimmers are asked to be more careful until the sharks finish migrating.

– Farida Amer

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